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“Social Beauty” speaks to how connected the professional beauty industry has become since the launch of social media. “Makers” is a riff on “The Maker Movement”, a cultural trend that places value on the ability of both an individual and small groups collaboratively to be creators of ‘things’ (real or digital). Taken all together, we are Social Beauty Makers.

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Gordon is known throughout the salon industry as the host of over 300 episodes of the popular Hairbrained Conversations and American Salon Stories podcasts.

Social Beauty Makers - the Podcast will feature both conversations with ‘masterminds’ (Sundays) as well as trends in business/tech and what they mean for beauty (Wednesdays). Episodes can be found on any of your favorite podcast platforms (as well as here).

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About Gordon: Over the course of a distinguished 40+ year career, Gordon Miller has held a variety of senior leadership roles in the education and publishing /media segments of the pro beauty industry (including VP/Member Schools, Pivot Point International; President, Milady Publishing; Publisher, American Salon Magazine & .com; and, most recently, CEO/President of Hairbrained. Following 5 years of successfully leading Hb into the major leagues of pro beauty media, Gordon chose to step away to launch Social Beauty Makers. For a bit more on Gordon, follow @gordnm on Instagram or Linkedin.

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Gordon Miller

Founder, Social Beauty Makers; Pro Beauty Tech Geek & AI Evangelist; Brand Consultant; Biz TrendCaster; Guest Speaker/Panel Host; Overly Caffeinated Podcast Host; & 'Quote Meister'; 🙏 🌈 🤓