Feb 25 • 20M

14. David Thurston, Trailblazer & Danger Jones Creative Co-founder/CEO

"The Spiral Staircase" to Success

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Gordon Miller
Each week, longtime pro beauty executive Gordon Miller brings insights and inspiration to you - by way of 2 fast-paced 15-minute episodes. Sundays feature 1-on-1 conversations around one big idea with industry "masters" - a group of mindful (and often iconic!) professionals with unique insights into a variety of important topics. Wednesdays feature Gordon solo for a curated version of what he sees and hears in our larger world that is relevant to salons, pros, and brands. As Gordon likes to say "the pro beauty industry is a mirror image of our larger world" - and this is our 15-minute weekly effort to share what that might mean for your today....and tomorrow.

Here to talk about pushing past the 'shackles' that hold most of us back in career and life, @DavidThurstonOfficial is known as an innovator. From Butterfly Lofts and Butterfly Circus (changing how many think about both suites and education) to becoming co-founder and now former CEO of Pulp Riot, David has been at the forefront of change for some time. His newest passion, @DangerJonesCreative, will launch its new color line on 4/1/2023 - in over 1200 stores with Cosmo Prof, Armstrong McCall & Modern Beauty! Next up: The Danger Jones Clothing line! Stay tuned for updates.